The Scarlet Novels By A. C. Gaughen (Books 1-3 in the Series, Paperback)

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The Scarlet Novels By A. C. Gaughen (Books 1-3 in the Series, Paperback)

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About The Scarlet NovelsĀ 

Scarlet (ISBN: 9781681194)

Robin Hood is given a fresh, feminine twist in this romantic retelling from the point of view of “Will Scarlet”

* “A rip-roaring tale.” —Booklist, starred review

Scarlet is good at keeping secrets. To the people of Nottingham, she’s Will Scarlet, the young lad who protects those who cannot protect themselves. To Robin Hood and his band of thieves, she’s the girl with a tongue as sharp as her knives. But nobody knows the truth about Scarlet’s life before Nottingham–not even Rob, whose quick smiles have the rare power to unsettle her. And when someone from her past comes hurtling back into her life, everything she’s fought for is suddenly at risk, including her own life . . .

Lady Thief (ISBN: 978168119820)

Scarlet’s story continues in this romance-filled, action-packed second book in A. C. Gaughen’s stunning twist on Robin Hood.

* “A rip-roaring tale.” —Booklist, starred review, on Scarlet

Life can never go back to normal now that Scarlet has been forced to marry the man of her nightmares. In order to win a life with her love, Robin, Scarlet must abandon her knives to fight a different kind of battle–one within the castle walls at court, fought with secrets and skillful manipulation. But doing so will test the limits of Scarlet’s courage, especially when she discovers a truth no one was ever supposed to know. A truth that will change the course of her life forever . . .

Lion Heart (ISBN: 9781681198217)

The thrilling final book in A. C. Gaughen’s action-packed and romance-filled Robin Hood retelling.

* “A rip-roaring tale.” —Booklist, starred review, on Scarlet

Scarlet hasn’t seen daylight in months–not since she sacrificed herself to save Robin’s life and watched one of her dearest friends murdered right before her eyes. Locked away and constantly moved from dungeon to dungeon, Scarlet manages to escape against all odds. She desperately wants to return to Rob, until she learns of a dangerous plot that puts everyone in the kingdom in jeopardy. Armed with the truth about her heritage, Scarlet is the only one who can stop it . . .



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