Marsbound Novels by Joe Haldeman (3-Book Series Set, Mass Market Paperback)


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This 3-book set of mass market paperback editions includes the following titles:

Marsbound (ISBN 9780441017393):

Young Carmen Dula and her family are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime- they’re going to Mars. But Carmen isn’t so sure she wants to. After training for a year and preparing to leave on the six-month journey, she finds that the initial excitement has given way to both trepidation and frustration.

Once there, however, Carmen realizes things are not so different from Earth. There are chores, lessons, and oppressive authority figures. All of that leads her to venture out into the bleak Mars Landscape alone, where an accident takes her to the edge of death- and she is saved by an angel. An angel with too many arms and legs, a head that looks like a potato gone bad- and a message for the newly arrived inhabitants of mars:

Starbound (ISBN 9780441019793):

After shocking first contact between humans and alien life on Mars, Carmen Dula and her husband board a tiny, long-range craft with five other humans and two Martians. They travel to a distant solar system that is home to the “Others” – an enigmatic, powerful, and possibly immortal race. Once there, they manage to find enough common purpose to forge a delicate truce between human, Martian, and Other.

By the time Carmen and her party are sent back to Earth, fifty years have passed- and the Earthlings have not been idle. They have built a massive flotilla of warships to defend Earth against the Other’s expected aggression. But the Others have more power than any could imagine.

And they will Brook no insolence from the upstart human race…

Earthbound (ISBN 9784937007836):

The Others disposed of Earth’s spaceship fleet as easily as swatting a fly. They blew up the Moon, Letting the resulting cloud of rocks and gravel go into orbit. Then, for good measure, they turned off all the power, leaving Earth with seven billion hungry people competing for dwindling resources.

Now Carmen Dula, the first human to encounter Martians and then the mysterious alien Others, and her colleagues struggle to find a way-using nineteenth- century technology- to reclaim the future that has been stolen from them.


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